Anne Jin Soo Preston, MPS

Anne provides research and evaluation support to Lab initiative projects. Anne seeks out inter-agency partners and cross-sector collaborations that complement her deep capacity for understanding complex systems. She brings creativity, curiosity, and a desire to impact society’s toughest issues in aging, arts and culture, disability, education, health, housing, science, social services, and transportation. Her work across multiple sectors helps her visualize entire ecosystems, finding challenges, and interdependencies within.

Anne’s talent for aligning strategy, programmatic goals, advocacy, and program outcomes has helped organizations evaluate the process around learning, relationship building, collaboration, and collective action. Her research and evaluation approach prioritize constituent feedback—especially from marginalized communities—placing a focus on diversity, equity, access, inclusion, and the development of actionable measurement indicators.

Anne’s holds a Master of Professional Studies in Arts and Cultural Leadership and a BA in applied business, Asian American Studies, and East Asian Culture and Film.

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