Setting Historical Context

Setting historical context is the distinguising element of the CFEI approach that is key to its success and sets it apart from other models.  Before an organization or collaboration can undertake significant systems change to advance equity and inclusion, leadership, staff and collaborators must ground themselves in the historical context that has led to present day inequities.  Without historical context, even the best-intended organizations and collaborations may change policies and practices, but they will not have changed the way they see their roles in contributing to and repeating inequities and will reinforce rather than resolve structural racism and bias.  

The CFEI Team leads organizations and collaborations in a unique dialogue and engagement process on African American and American Indian historical trauma and structural racism and its implications for equity and inclusion. Following the dialogue and engagement process, participants will begin identifying policiespracticesprocesses and perspectives that are inconsistent with equity and inclusion. This will form the foundation for future systems change work.