Organizational Foundation Setting in Historical Trauma

Before we can undertake significant systems change, people working in systems must have the opportunity to better understand the historical context that has led to our present circumstances. Many of those working with the African American and Native American Indian clients have not had the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the experienced history, and most of those who create the policies and procedures at the systemic level do not have full understanding of this history.

During this section, organizations would participate in a unique dialogue and engagement process on historical trauma and structural racism and its implications for the health and well-being of very young children and their families. This dialogue would lead by Sam Simmons (insert title and/or bio here) and through a top-down approach with systems leadership, management, and staff, organizations would;

1.     Engage in dialogue about historical trauma and structural racism as it relates to African American and Native American child and family wellbeing;

2.     Explore a systems journey illustration and begin to identify where your own organization could shift policies and practices to better advance child-well-being and;

3.     Equip themselves with the knowledge to take conversations into their own organization to advance needed change in perspectives, policies and practices.