Cultural/Racial Conflicts Within Workforce

Conflict inevitably occurs in all work environments and most HR departments are adequately equipped to defuse work conflicts between homogeneous parties. However, most HR departments fall short when it comes to culturally appropriate interventions for conflicts between two parties with drastically different and diverse cultural backgrounds. Well-meaning but culturally inappropriate interventions for work conflicts can be counterproductive at best and can lead to employees quitting at worst. In some cases, applying a “one size fits all” model to conflict resolution can exacerbate the situation.

A majority of cultural and or racial conflicts within the workforce usually stem from a lack of cultural awareness and competence from both sides. When all staff members, including management, are equipped with a general understanding of how culture affects their own worldviews as well as those of their co-workers, they will be able to work more effectively with each other. Even when culture is not a conscious consideration in providing conflict resolution, it is a dynamic force that often influences employees’ responses and subsequent outcomes. CFEI can help your organization apply culturally appropriate conflict resolution that will results in greater organizational credibility, better employee satisfaction, and a greater willingness to stay with an organization among culturally and racially different employees.