OUR MISSION is to serve collaborations that inspire and advance social change.

The Lab was born out of recognition that societal needs have become greater in number and complexity, outgrowing the systems put in place to serve them. Collaboration is imperative if we are to meet the needs of society.  The Lab cultivates the conditions for collaborative success by providing the structure and discipline that helps collaborators accomplish collectively what they cannot achieve alone.

THE PRINCIPLES that shape and distinguish our work:
  • Ignite engagement. By elevating what is most urgent, we inspire commitment and fuel progress toward shared goals.
  • Trust emergence. In the midst of complexity, we pay deep attention and respond to new solutions as they emerge in our collective work.
  • Nurture relationship. To establish the foundation for meaningful progress and sustainable results, we prioritize and foster right relationship.
  • Traverse boundaries. To promote breakthrough change, we connect across traditional boundaries.