The Collective Action Lab unifies courageous people in addressing complex social challenges. Our role is to help collaborators accomplish collectively what they cannot achieve alone.  


Our Mission is to serve collaborations that inspire and advance social change.

The Lab was born out of recognition that societal needs were becoming greater in number and complexity, outgrowing the systems that had been put in place to serve such needs. Collaboration has become imperative if we are to meet the needs of society, but collaboration traditionally happens in silos within systems – not across them. 

Collective action is collaboration taken to a higher level, by employing disciplines and approaches that help groups envision and advance needed change. The Lab cultivates the conditions for collaborative success and serves as a powerful vehicle for solving multi-faceted societal problems by providing the structure that people need to transcend their usual work and build the trust and relationships necessary for true collaboration.

Our Values guide our every move in living our mission.

  • Open-heartedness and right relationships. We model receptiveness and recognize that without right relationships, good solutions cannot emerge.
  • Ignite engagement.  By elevating what is most urgent, we inspire commitment and fuel progress toward shared goals.
  • Trust emergence.  In the midst of complexity, we pay deep attention and adapt to goals and solutions as they emerge in our shared work. 
  • Traverse boundaries.  We connect across traditional boundaries to promote breakthrough change.