Dr. David L. Everett studies organizational leadership dynamics related to workplace culture, climate and capacity, as well as approaches to equity, inclusion and diversity. His research seeks to add to current discourse that centers on individual and institutional aspects necessary for organizational development, engagement and change.

As an Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Consultant, Dr. Everett’s approach seeks to evaluate the impact of systemic practices, processes and policies to target better overall results from D&I efforts, initiatives and activities in organizations ranging from county & government agencies, to school districts & higher education institutions, to non-profit & community programming collaboratives.

Dr. Everett is a Certified Federal Mediator, Qualified Administrator for the Intercultural Development Inventory, and serves as an adjunct instructor within the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system. Dr. Everett’s perspectives have been shared in several publications, The New York Times, Minneapolis Public Radio, as well as various forums, symposiums and workshops throughout the country.