Working With Multiple Organizations and Communities on Major Systemic Change

Collective Action occurs when many organizations from across sectors come together to achieve complex, systemic and social change. It is courageous, aspirational, and challenging work that needs neutral support and resources to enable progress. Collaborators range from deeply engaged community members to government agencies to nonprofit organizations. 

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Helping Multiple Organizations Collaborate On Shared Goals

Sometimes organizations need to work together, but they may not be seeking large-scale systems change. The Lab supports organizations in collaborating to achieve shared goals within one or across multiple sectors.

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Strengthening an Organization’s Ability To Enhance Collaboration and Culture

An organization is more equipped to collaborate in larger scale efforts when it clearly articulates and aligns its own mission and strategy and supports both through  intentional governance and culture. The Collective Action Lab works with individual organizations to support them in this work.

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Building a Culture for Equity, Inclusion, and Effectiveness

As societies evolve, so too must organizations. Capacity building is the catalyst of this evolutionary process that brings organizations to the next stages of operational, programmatic, financial, or structural maturity. The Lab supports organizational capacity building by fostering cultures of equity, inclusion and effectiveness.

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